Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu Karate
Founded by Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro
Under the Direction of Hanshi Robert Scaglione
We begin and end with courtesy.

Dojo Rules
1. Always show courtesy to all.

2. Address your instructor as Sensei.

3. Bow to the sensei when entering or leaving the school.

4. When a black belt instructor enters or leaves the deck in uniform for the first time, the senior student stops the activity on the deck and orders the students to attention.

5. No smoking in the school.
No wearing of jewelry or other ornaments on the deck during a class.
No food or drink allowed on the deck.
No talking or laughing while class is in session.
No profanity.

6. Keep your uniform clean.

7. Keep your fingernails and toenails clean.

8. Refrain from misusing your knowledge.

9. Do not consume alcoholic beverages before class, your timing could be affected and cause injury.

10. Do not leave the deck during a class without your Sensei's permission.

11. Students bow to each other before and after each practice.

12. Strive to promote the true spirit of the martial arts by:
Character, mental development
Health, physical development
Skill, proficiency in karate
Respect, courtesy to others
Humility, be aware of your shortcomings.

13. Each student is responsible for keeping his own attendance sheet.

14. Always show courtesy to all.

The focus of our traditional karate-do is on consistent physical, mental and spiritual training. Testing is merely a reflection of this training.

Our ranks and belt colours are the following:

Beginner (White Belt)
Ro-Kyu (White Belt with One Green Tip)
Go-Kyu (White Belt with Two Green Tips)
Yon-Kyu (Green Belt)
San-Kyu (Green Belt with Brown Tips)
Ni-Kyu (Brown Belt)
Ik-Kyu (Brown Belt with Black Tips)

Sho Dan (1st Degree Black Belt)
Ni Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt)
San Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt)
Yon Dan (4th Degree Black Belt)
Go Dan (5th Degree Black Belt)
Roku Dan (6th Degree Black Belt)
Shichi Dan (7th Degree Black Belt)
Hachi Dan (8th Degree Black Belt)
Ku dan (9th Degree Black Belt)
Ju Dan (10th Degree Red Belt)